About The Company

Pure Glaze Premier Lab is an Authorized Professional European laboratory established following the 1975 Geneva (World Bank) Decree No: GE/001/EU95/WB.
Pure Glaze lab is included world top-class researchers of different landmasses prepared to deal with assembling and Recovering of banknotes Services.

We do discount and retail of banknotes of various monetary standards, for example,
● US dollars banknotes
● Euros banknotes
● Pound sterling banknotes
● Chinese yen banknotes
● India rupee banknotes
● Canadian dollars banknotes
● Australian dollars banknotes
● Kuwait banknotes
● Dinar banknotes
● Malaysian Ringgit banknotes
● Japanese Yen banknotes

We can likewise spotless and re-actuate dark, green, white negative notes of Euro, Dollar, Pounds, Japanese Yen, Kuwaiti, Dinar, Malaysian Ringgit, and any remaining nearby monetary standards and reestablish to the first structure. We sell ssd
synthetic substances at appealing costs, and conveyance is 100% prudent and gotten through a top elite security transport organization. We likewise send profoundly prepared experts to all nations on the planet to do cleaning administrations on a commission premise.

Our professionals can do manual cleaning and cleaning by machine and the 2018 3D Laser Automatic Machine.
Through enrollment and constant preparing of qualified staff just as interests in present day and best in class advancements, Pure Glaze Labs offers some incentive added administrations to its customers and goes about as an augmentation of their
item improvement, assembling and business activitys.

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We sell high quality grade A bank notes of over 25 currencies worldwide. Our money is perfectly reproduced with all security features available. We use first hand technology to bring its authencity.

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